Foro WoW Classic Phase 2 PvP System Strategy

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World of Warcraft was envisioned as a world at war. The real time strategy, army versus army, foundation of the Warcraft Universe was brought into a MMO environment on an entirely new level with the introduction of the Honor System in 2005. This war-torn vision of Azeroth materialized into vast endless fighting throughout the world. The epic battles in the fields between Tarren Mill and Southore became legendary and are now enshrined as a periodic event in retail to this day.

The WoW Classic Phase 2 Honor System heavily incentivizes Honorable kills of players within your level range. Your total number of kills, the rank of the players killed and your standing amongst players on your server all contributed to your weekly contribution and ultimately determine your rank and access to PVP gear. Buy cheap WOW Classic (EU) Gold via reputable seller, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

The PVP Honor System can give players the rewards within the level range, and the ranking on the system server is completely determined by the number of enemies you kill and the weekly contribution. That being said, you can decide what you get. Some efficient and useful strategies can improve your competitiveness throughout PVP Honor System. With World of Warcraft Classic, the character promotion is uninterrupted, and very few players can encounter the same challenge twice. However, the challenges are complex in PVP Honor System, which allows players to replay it indefinitely.

During the PVP Honor System, the best way to get Honor is to participate in the PVP battles as much as possible. And there are many zones to challenges in World of Warcraft Classic, Blackrock mountain, the Tarren Mill versus Southshore region and more, which will allow enhancing the characters in a shore time.