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How can i get rid of Herpes 1&2 with herbs (whatsApp +2348163807836)



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How can i get rid of Herpes 1&2 with herbs (whatsApp +2348163807836)

  • 2 cucharada root, herbs

taken warm, two times daily


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    How can i get rid of Herpes 1&2 with herbs (whatsApp +2348163807836)
  1. Taken warm
  2. 2 teasppon
  3. 2 times daily
  4. 5 to 6 days
  5. go for test after finish


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I want those who need a cure & total cleanse for their diseases and viruses to contact Dr. Steven, he treats with natural herbs and has cured so many in the US and other countries. He cured my family herpes along with my HIV which the doctor could not cure. I came on this website to recommend him and let us know that natural herbs can cure our diagnosed illness which we thought there was no help on medically

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  • Yes, i also want to recommend Steven herbs and...

    escrito por henlen2 en 7 septiembre 2020 - 06:27.

    Yes, i also want to recommend Steven herbs and want those who have diseses & viruses to contact him becuase his herbs are effective, I was diagnosed with Herpes 1&2 and worst symtoms on my tongue, skin and round my mouth. I got to know that the symtoms dried up and dried from my skin with no trace of Herpes. I am reall thankful Dr. Steven for the herbs, +2348163807836, drsteven2002@yahoo.com

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